JCB Professional 7lb Chisel & Point Pick Axe | JCBPA01

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Discover the JCB Premium 7lb Chisel and Pick Axe, a versatile chisel and point pick axe meticulously crafted to excel in both professional and domestic applications. Engineered for unparalleled strength and resilience, this tool thrives in the most challenging environments.

Smaller than a mattock, the chisel end of the tool is flatter and broader, intended for levering large objects. The pick is designed to break up and split concrete or other hard or dense materials. 

Key Features

Dual-Functionality: This heavy-duty tool combines the functions of a chisel and a point pick axe, offering a versatile solution for a wide range of tasks.

Robust Construction: Built to endure the toughest conditions, the tool's exceptional durability ensures longevity and consistent performance.

Chisel Edge: Featuring a broad, flat chisel end, this tool is specifically designed for effortless leverage when dealing with large objects or materials.

Pick Axe: The pick end is expertly engineered to break up and split concrete, as well as other hard or dense materials with ease.

JCB Certified: We understand the importance of reliability, which is why our Professional Tools proudly bear the JCB Logo. Each tool undergoes rigorous testing, guaranteeing its ability to tackle any job effectively.

Discovert the power of the JCB 7lb Chisel and Pick Axe and experience the difference in performance and durability that only JCB-certified tools can provide. Built to professional standards, trust in a tool that's engineered to get the job done.

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Key Features
  • It has a long handle and head which combines horizontal and vertical chisels.
  • Solid forged one piece head – extremely strong, exceed BS1421 (British Specification)
  • Hardened and tempered carbon steel
  • Fibreglass handle – doesn’t rot/split/dry out
  • Glass reinforced plastic handle with fibreglass core
  • Polypropylene outer – incredibly tough, more durable under resistance/heavy load than most timber

Model JCBPA01
Product Type Contractor & Landscaping Tools - Chisel and Point Pick Axe
Handle Type Glass Reinforced Plastic
Handle Material Fibreglass Core/Polypropylene Outer
Handle Colour Black
Blade Type 7 lb Chisel and point
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Blade Width (mm) Chisel 40mm
Blade Length (mm) 660
Blade Hardness 40 HRC
Blade Colour Yellow
Shaft Dimensions (mm) 900
Shaft Colour Black
O/A Length (mm) 900
Weight (kg) 4.5