What is SDS in Hammer Drills?

SDS is a type of chuck system used in rotary hammer drills. SDS stands for "Slotted Drive System" or "Special Direct System," depending on the manufacturer. The SDS chuck is designed to allow the drill bit to move back and forth as well as rotate, which makes it ideal for drilling through hard materials such as concrete and masonry.

There are three types of SDS chucks: SDS-Plus, SDS-Top, and SDS-Max. The SDS-Plus is the most common type and is suitable for light to medium-duty applications. SDS-Top is a larger version of the SDS-Plus and is designed for heavy-duty applications. SDS-Max is the largest and most powerful type of SDS chuck and is used for the most demanding drilling tasks.

ISDS is a specialized chuck system used in rotary hammer drills that allows for efficient drilling through hard materials such as concrete and masonry.

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