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JCB 12 x 150mm Multi Purpose Drill Bit | 5055803310608

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Enhance your drilling experience with the JCB Multi-Purpose Drill Bit featuring a robust carbide tip construction measuring 12mm in diameter and 150mm in length. This high-quality drill bit is designed for exceptional durability and versatile use, making it ideal for various applications such as drilling into masonry, metal, and wood.

 Key Features

  • Carbide Tip Construction: The JCB Multi-Purpose Drill Bit is equipped with a premium carbide tip, ensuring extended durability and superior performance. This construction is specifically designed to withstand the challenges of drilling into diverse materials.

  • Versatility: Experience the flexibility to drill into masonry, metal, and wood effortlessly. This drill bit is engineered to adapt to different materials, providing a smooth and efficient drilling application across various surfaces.

  • Precision Ground Flutes: The construction includes precision-ground flutes that contribute to the drill bit's accuracy and efficiency. The 135-degree tip angle further enhances the drilling precision, making it a reliable choice for your projects.

  • Durable Carbon Steel Material: Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, this drill bit ensures longevity and resilience. The material composition adds to the overall robustness of the tool, making it a reliable companion for your drilling needs.

Upgrade your drilling toolkit with the JCB Multi-Purpose Drill Bit 12x150mm – where durability meets versatility. Make your projects smoother and more efficient with this high-performance drill bit, made to preofessional standards.

JCB Multi-purpose Drill Bits


Model 5055803310608
Product Type Multi Purpose Drill Bit
Material Carbon Steel
Tip Material Carbide Tip
Construction Precision Ground Flutes, 135 Degree Tip Angle
Diameter (mm) 12
Length (mm) 150
EAN 5055803310608
Pack Content 1 x JCB Multi Purpose Drill Bit