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JCB 18V Combi Drill & Angle Grinder Kit, 2x 5.0ah Li-Ion Batteries, Fast Charger in 20" kit bag | 21-18AGCD-5

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£267.99 (Inc. VAT)
£223.32 (Ex. VAT)

The JCB 18V Combi Drill and Angle Grinder Kit is a must-have for both professional tradespeople and serious DIY enthusiasts. This comprehensive kit is packed with everything you need to tackle a wide range of tasks, from drilling and screwdriving to cutting and grinding, all powered by a reliable 18V lithium-ion battery system.

Key Features

 JCB 18V Cordless 2-Speed Combi Drill Li-ion | 21-18CD-B

  • A versatile 2-speed combi drill for drilling and screwdriving tasks.
  • Powered by the 18V lithium-ion battery for consistent performance.
  • Two-speed settings allow for precise control based on your application.

JCB 18V Cordless Angle Grinder 18V 115mm 4 1/2" | 21-18AG-B

  • An 18V cordless angle grinder for cutting and grinding applications.
  • Compact 115mm (4 1/2") size for easy handling and access in tight spaces.
  • Enjoy the freedom of cordless operation without compromising power.

2 x JCB 18V Li-ion Battery 5.0AH | 21-50LI

  • Two 5.0Ah lithium-ion batteries ensure extended runtime for your tools.
  • High-capacity, long-lasting performance to keep you working without interruptions.

JCB 18V 4Ah Fast Charger | 21-18VSFC

  • A super-fast charger that replenishes your batteries in no time.
  • Get back to work quickly with the 4Ah charging speed.

JCB Tools 20" Tool Kit Bag | Organise & Transport Tools | 21-KBAG

  • A sturdy and spacious 20" (50cm) kit bag designed to keep your tools organised and secure.
  • Features straps for easy transport, ensuring your tools are always at your fingertips.
  • Durable design to withstand the demands of the job site.

Whether you're on a construction site, working in your workshop, or tackling DIY projects, this JCB Powrkit has your back. The 18V lithium-ion power source ensures consistent, reliable performance, and the inclusion of two high-capacity 5.0Ah batteries and a rapid charger means you can keep working without interruption. The 20" tool kit bag helps you stay organized and mobile, making this kit the ideal companion for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Upgrade your toolkit with the JCB 18V Combi Drill and Angle Grinder Kit today and experience the convenience and power of JCB tools. Get your projects done faster and more efficiently with this comprehensive kit. Order now!

 3 Year Long-Term Warranty

For your peace of mind, this JCB Tool Kit comes with a comprehensive 3-year platinum warranty* (for home use) or 1-year commercial warranty* (terms apply). With full parts and service backup, JCB Tools ensures your power tool remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Kit Content

1 x JCB 18V Combi Drill Body
1 x JCB 18V Angle Grinder Body
2 x JCB 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion Battery
1 x JCB 18V 4A Fast Charger
1 x JCB 20" Kit Bag


Included this JCB Tools Kit: 

In this JCB Grinder and Drill Kit:

The JCB 18V Combi Drill | 21-18CD-B is a high-performance cordless drill that delivers both power and comfort for all your drilling, screwdriving, and hammering needs. Whether you're working with wood, metal, or masonry, this drill is designed to handle it all with ease.

JCB 18V 2-Speed Li-Iion Combi | 21-18CD-B

 Key Features

Variable Speed & LED Light

Easily adjust the speed to match your drilling needs and improve visibility in dark or confined spaces with the built-in LED light.

16+3 Position Torque

Take control of your applications with the 16+3 position adjustable torque control, ensuring consistent and precise results across different materials.

2-Speed Variable Gearbox

Efficiently tackle various drilling tasks with the 2-speed variable gearbox, providing the optimal speed for different materials.

Quick and Convenient Bit Changes

The 13mm keyless chuck allows for quick and easy bit changes, saving you time and effort.

Ergonomic Design

Enjoy a comfortable grip with the rubber grip overmould and easily carry the drill with the included belt clip, which can be positioned on either side for added convenience.

The JCB 18V Cordless Angle Grinder is a powerful and versatile tool designed to meet the demands of various home, professional, and DIY projects. With its cordless design, you can enjoy the freedom of movement without the hassle of cords or cables.

Power and Efficiency

This angle grinder is perfect for grinding, polishing, sharpening, cutting, and more. It delivers an impressive 0-8000rpm load speed, allowing you to tackle tasks with ease and efficiency. The 115mm blade diameter ensures precise and accurate cutting and grinding results.

Easy to Use and Comfortable

Featuring a 3 position anti-vibration side handle, this angle grinder provides enhanced control and reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use. The tool-free adjustable guard allows for quick and easy blade changes, ensuring seamless workflow and increased productivity.

Powerful Battery Options

Choose from different battery options (2.0Ah, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, and 5.0Ah) to suit your power needs. JCB Tools market-leading lithium-ion batteries provide long-lasting performance and enable you to work without interruption.


Key Features

  • Cordless angle grinder for maximum flexibility and portability
  • Versatile tool for grinding, polishing, sharpening, cutting, and more
  • 115mm blade diameter for efficient and precise operation
  • 3 position anti-vibration side handle for enhanced control and comfort
  • Tool-free adjustable guard for quick and easy blade changes
  • Choose from different battery options (2.0Ah, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, and 5.0Ah)
  • Overload protection for added safety
  • Backed by UK support and a 3 Year Warranty

Enhance the performance of your JCB power tools with the JCB 18V 5.0Ah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. Designed for versatility and durability, this battery is an ideal companion for any of JCB's cordless and brushless power tools, including Drill Drivers, Combi Drills, Multi Tools, Orbital Sanders, Brushless Impact Drivers, Jigsaws, Circular Saws, Angle Grinders, and more.

Key Features

  • Rapid Charging and Extended Runtime: With the JCB 18V 2.4A Fast Charger, this battery achieves a full charge in under 1 hour (for the 2.0Ah version), ensuring minimal downtime. Enjoy up to an impressive 120 minutes of uninterrupted runtime with the 5.0Ah capacity, so you can power through your tasks without interruptions.
  • Convenient LED Charge Indicator: Simplify your workday with the built-in LED charge indicator. Easily monitor the battery's charge status, ensuring you're never caught off guard during your projects.
  • Universal Compatibility: This 18V Lithium-ion battery seamlessly integrates with all of JCB's 18V power tools, making it a versatile choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you're a construction worker or a dedicated home improvement enthusiast, you'll find this battery to be an indispensable tool in your collection.

Upgrade your JCB power tool experience with the JCB 18V 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. Power, convenience, and quality come together to elevate your work to new heights. Invest in the tools that work as hard as you do.

Power up your JCB 18V power tool batteries swiftly and efficiently with our cutting-edge 18V 4.0A Super Fast Charger. Designed for maximum performance, this charger provides quick charging times, ensuring you spend more time working and less time waiting.

Key Features

Rapid Charging: Experience lightning-fast charging with our Super Fast 4 Amp Charger. Charge your JCB 18V 2.0Ah Lithium-ion battery in just 30 minutes, 40 minutes for 3.0Ah, 55 minutes for 4.0Ah, and 65 minutes for 5.0Ah batteries.

Battery Charge Status Indicator: Make your life easier with the built-in battery charge status indicator featuring red and green LED lights. Keep track of your battery's charging progress at a glance.

Convenient Cable Length: With a generous 2-metre cable length, this charger easily reaches your workbench, allowing you to charge your batteries hassle-free.

Versatile Compatibility: Our 18V 4.0A Super Fast Charger is compatible with all JCB 18V power tools, including Drill Driver, Combi Drill, Multi Tool, Orbital Sander, Brushless Impact Driver, Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Angle Grinder, and more.

  Built for Construction Professionals and Serious DIY: JCB Tools are crafted to cater to the needs of construction workers and everyday DIY enthusiasts, delivering top-notch performance and reliability.

Invest in the 18V 4.0A (4 Amp) Super Fast Charger 21-18VSFC for JCB 18V Lithium-ion Batteries and take your power tool performance to new heights. Our charger's exceptional speed and reliability ensure uninterrupted productivity. Enjoy peace of mind with our JCB Tools customer support and 3 Year Warranty. Don't let charging times slow you down; choose the ultimate charging solution. Order now and charge up in no time!

Efficiently organise and carry your JCB Tools with the JCB 20" (50cm) Tool Kit Bag. This top-notch tool organiser is built to transport small to medium power tools, hand tools, and accessories with ease. Its thoughtful design includes multiple pockets, ensuring your tools and accessories stay secure during transportation.

Experience unparalleled comfort with the padded shoulder straps and soft-grip carry handle, making it a breeze to carry even the heaviest load. Crafted with heavy-duty materials, this tool kit bag guarantees long-lasting durability, standing up to the toughest conditions. Tools Made For Trade.

Perfect for construction workers and serious DIY use, the JCB 20" Tool Kit Bag is a reliable companion for all your projects. Make your tool management more convenient and efficient with this essential tool organiser.

Efficient Organisation: The JCB 20" Tool Kit Bag offers multiple pockets, allowing you to neatly organise and transport your small to medium power tools, hand tools, and accessories. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for misplaced tools.

Convenient Portability: With padded shoulder straps and a soft grip carry handle, this JCB tool kit bag ensures maximum comfort while carrying your tools from one location to another. Experience effortless transportation, even when the bag is loaded with heavy equipment.

Enhanced Durability: Crafted with heavy-duty materials, this tool kit bag is built to withstand rugged conditions, providing long-lasting durability and reliability. Rest assured, your tools and accessories will be protected and secured at all times.

Versatile Usage: Suitable for both construction workers and DIY, this tool kit bag is a versatile companion for your construction projects. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or occasional builder, this bag is designed to meet your needs.

Time-Saving Convenience: By keeping your tools organided and easily accessible, this tool kit bag streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time during your tasks. Enjoy increased efficiency and productivity with this essential tool organizer.