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JCB 4 x 70mm 7 Point HSS Drill Bit, Set of 3 TutboJet | 5055803318703

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Upgrade your drilling experience with the JCB TurboJet 7 Point HSS Drill, a set of three high-performance drill bits featuring a cutting-edge TurboJet 7 tip. Built with precision and engineered for excellence, these 4 x 70mm drill bits redefine efficiency and longevity in drilling tasks.

Key Features

  • TurboJet 7 Cutting Edge Tip: Experience superior drilling performance with the unique JCB TurboJet 7 cutting edge tip. This innovative deasign ensures precision and speed, making your drilling tasks smoother and more efficient.

  • M2 TiN Lubrication: Enjoy a seamless and easy drilling experience, thanks to the M2 TiN lubrication. This feature enhances the drill bits' performance, ensuring smooth operation and reducing friction for optimal results.

  • Extended Lifespan: The JCB TurboJet 7 HSS Drill boasts up to 4 times longer life than standard HSS drill bits. Invest in durability and longevity, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Constructed from HSS grade 4341 material and featuring a TiN hard ceramic coating, JCB drill bits exhibit exceptional hardness and durability with a hardness rating of HRC 60-65. The 4mm diameter and 70mm length make them versatile for various drilling applications.

Enhance your drilling toolkit with the JCB TurboJet 7 Point HSS Drill 3-Pack – the perfect combination of precision, durability, and efficiency. Upgrade your drilling experience today!

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Model 5055803318703
Product Type TutboJet 7 Point HSS Drill Bit
Material High-Speed Steel (HSS) Grade 4341
Tip Material TutboJet 7 Point
Hardness HRC 60-65
Finish Titanium Nitride (TiN) Hard Ceramic Coating
Diameter (mm) 4
Length (mm) 70
EAN 5055803318703
Pack Content 3 x JCB TutboJet 7 Point HSS Drill Bit 4 x 70 mm