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JCB 40 Piece Combination Drill Bits and Accessory Set | JCB-PTA-40

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Enhance your drilling and fastening capabilities with our comprehensive JCB 40-Piece Drill Bit and Accessory Set in a Convenient Folding Carry Case. This carefully curated collection includes a wide range of high-quality drilling, screwing bolt components, ensuring you have the right tools for various tasks. With ourl set, you'll have the convenience of having everything you need in one portable folding carry case.

Versatile Drill Bits and Screwdriver Bits 

Our accessory set boasts a selection of high-speed steel (HSS), masonry, and wood drill bits, as well as a variety of screwdriver bits and nut sockets. This versatile assortment enables you to tackle any drilling or fastening project with confidence.

Long-Lasting Performance with Carbide-Tipped Masonry Drill Bits

To ensure exceptional durability, our masonry drill bits are equipped with carbide tips. These tips provide superior strength and longevity, allowing you to tackle tough materials with ease. Say goodbye to frequent bit replacements and enjoy longer-lasting performance.

Precision and Efficiency with Ground HSS TiN Drill Bits

For precision drilling tasks, our accessory set includes precision ground HSS TiN drill bits. These high-quality bits guarantee accurate and efficient drilling, allowing you to achieve professional results every time. Say goodbye to wobbling or imprecise holes and experience the satisfaction of precise craftsmanship.

Universal Fit Carbon Steel Drill Bits for Woodworking Excellence

Whether you're a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, our accessory set has you covered. The universal fit carbon steel drill bits are specifically designed for drilling into all grades of wood. With their exceptional performance and reliability, you can achieve clean and precise holes effortlessly.

Easy Selection and Portability with the Durable Folding Carry Case

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why our JCB 40-piece accessory set comes in a durable folding carry case. The case is intelligently designed with clear bit markings, allowing for easy selection and organization. No more rummaging through cluttered toolboxes – simply unfold the case and choose the perfect accessory for the task at hand.