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JCB DiamondTech Hole Saw 6.5mm | 5055803316297

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Experience unmatched precision with the JCB Diamond Tipped 6.5mm Holesaw, the ultimate drilling companion engineered to conquer hard materials effortlessly. Whether it's grade 5 porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, glass, cement board, laminates, or brick, this holesaw delivers exceptional performance, making it the ideal choice for delicate and valuable surfaces.

Key Features

 Fast and Clean Cutting: Powered by a tough alloy body and high-grade exposed diamonds, our holesaw ensures rapid and clean cutting, providing flawless results without compromising the material's integrity.

 Precision for Delicate Materials: When precision is paramount, our diamond-tipped holesaw delivers. Experience accurate 6.5mm drilling on costly surfaces, achieving impressive cuts with ease.

Cost-Effective Solution: Our holesaw offers outstanding JCB performance and durability, providing a cost-effective choice that saves both time and money for your projects.

 Universal Fit: Versatile and user-friendly, our holesaw boasts a universal fit, making it suitable for use with most branded drills, catering to the needs of professionals and serious DIY users alike.

Take your drilling game to the next level with the JCB Diamond Tipped 6.5mm Holesaw. From intricate glass to sturdy brick, this holesaw empowers you to achieve unparalleled results in every drilling task. Elevate your craftsmanship today! Order the JCB Diamond Tipped Holesaw now and embrace the art of precision drilling.

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Material Carbon Steel
Tip Material Carbide Tip
Product Type Holesaw