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JCB Heritage Hand Trowel, Heavy-Duty 80 x 170mm Steel Blade, Ash Wood Handle | JCBHFT11

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Our JCB Heritage Hand Trowel, JCBHFT11 is the perfect blend of style and durability. The ideal garden hand too to elevate your gardening experience.

Designed to excel in both descerning gardeneres and professional settings, the Heritage Hand Trowel exemplifies our commitment to enduring quality in hand tools.

Built from a single piece of hardened and tempered carbon steel, this trowel boasts a blade free from any welds or joints, ensuring its longevity over time. Furthermore, the blade's base is forged to be thicker, enhancing the tool's durability.

Complementing this remarkable blade is an ergonomically designed Ash handle, meticulously varnished for a clear finish. This combination makes the Heritage Hand Trowel your ideal companion for various gardening tasks, from digging to planting and even weeding.

We understand the importance of performance, which is why we subject all our Heritage Tools to rigorous testing before certifying them with the iconic JCB Logo. This stamp is our guarantee to you that our tools are built to exceed your expectations and tackle any gardening challenge with ease.

Discover the perfect blend of style and durability with the JCB Heritage Hand Trowel – your trusted partner in gardening excellence.

Key Features

  • Single-Piece Carbon Steel Construction: Built from a single piece of hardened and tempered carbon steel, the Heritage Hand Trowel is exceptionally durable, free from welds or joins that can weaken over time.

  • Thicker Blade Base: The blade's base is forged to be thicker, providing added strength and longevity, ensuring it stands the test of time even in demanding gardening tasks.

  • Ergonomic Ash Handle: The trowel features an ergonomically designed Ash handle with a clear varnish finish, ensuring a comfortable grip and ease of use during extended gardening sessions.

  • Versatile Garden Tool: This trowel is a versatile companion for various gardening tasks, including digging, planting out, weeding, and more, making it an essential tool for both professionals and home gardeners.

  • JCB Certified Quality: Each Heritage Hand Trowel is rigorously tested and certified with the iconic JCB Logo, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability for all your gardening needs.

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Model JCBHFT11
Product Type Garden Hand Tool
Handle Type Tubular ergonomic
Handle Material European Ash
Handle Colour Natural/Clear PC
Blade Type Trowel with inch and centimetre indicators
Blade Material Hardened and tempered high carbon steel
Blade Width (mm) 80
Blade Length (mm) 170
Lift (mm) 75
Blade Colour Gunmetal grey
O/A Length (mm) 300
Net Weight (kg) -