JCB Heritage Lawn Edging Tool Wide Hilt | JCBHET01

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Finish your lawn like a pro with the JCBHET01 Heritage Lawn Edging Tool from JCB. Designed for meticulous lawn edge creation, this tool boasts a spacious hilt that ensures your comfort while you work. Say goodbye to uneven edges and achieve well-defined boundaries with ease.

Key Features

  • Wide Hilt for Supreme Comfort: Our Heritage Lawn Edging Tool features an expansive hilt that guarantees a comfortable grip. This ergonomic design minimises strain and lets you achieve flawless edges without discomfort.
  • Precision with a Durable Edge: The JCBHET01 is equipped with a sharp and robust blade, allowing you to achieve precise edging effortlessly. Tackle unruly edges and redefine your lawn's aesthetics with confidence.
  • Sturdiness Meets Elegance: Built with a sturdy timber handle and shaft, this tool exudes durability while maintaining a touch of elegance. It's a perfect balance of strength and style, ready to accompany you on your landscaping journey.

Elevate your landscaping game with the JCB JCBHET01 Heritage Lawn Edging Tool. This tool is a testament to the exceptional quality and performance that define the JCB Heritage range. Revel in the renowned durability.

3 Year Long-Term Warranty

For your peace of mind, the JCBHET01 comes with a comprehensive 3-year platinum warranty* (for home use) or 1-year commercial warranty* (terms apply). 

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