JCB Professional Taper Mouth Site Shovel, Heavy-Duty Steel Blade, 230-210 x 305mm Blade | JCBSS2T01

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Unlock unparalleled performance with the JCB Professional Taper Mouth Site Shovel (JCBSS2T01), meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern professionla work environments. This high-performance tool boasts a solid forged steel blade, meticulously tapered to enhance your digging and material-moving experience. Unlike conventional shovels, the JCB JCBSS2T01 is built from a single piece of hardened and tempered carbon steel, creating a blade that's not only incredibly strong but also exceptionally durable.

The foundation of this shovel is its thicker forging at the base of the socket, engineered to withstand substantial levering forces, ensuring it can tackle the toughest tasks with ease. The tubular steel handle, lightweight yet robust, adds to the overall durability and usability of the tool.

One of the most versatile shovels in our range, the JCB Professional Solid Forged Shovel Taper Mouth (Site Shovel) is designed mainly for shovelling tasks such as mixing and moving aggregate, soil, sand, cement, industrial waste, farmyard waste and debris.

At JCB, we understand the importance of uncompromising tools designed specifically for professional use. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our certification process, which includes rigorous British Standard Load Tests. Only when a tool individually surpasses these tests does it earn the prestigious JCB Logo, signifying its readiness to get the job done right.

Key Features

  • Solid forged steel blade for superior performance.
  • Single-piece construction for unmatched strength and durability.
  • Thicker socket base for increased leverage.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy tubular steel handle.
  • Certified to meet JCB's exacting standards through British Standard Load Tests.

Choose the JCB Professional Taper Mouth Site Shovel, and experience a tool that's built to exceed your expectations, delivering exceptional performance in even the most challenging situations. Trust in JCB for tools that work as hard as you do.

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Model JCBSS2T01
Product Type Contractor & Landscaping Tools - Shovels
Handle Type Poly-Pro Ergo YD
Handle Material Virgin Polypropylene
Handle Grip Ergo YD
Handle Colour Handle Colour
Blade Type No 2 Tapered Carbon
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Blade Width (mm) 230-210
Blade Length (mm) 305
Blade Hardness 39-47 HRC (BS 3388)
Lift (mm) 170
Blade Colour Black
Shaft Type Tubular Steel
Shaft Material Tubular Steel
Shaft Dimensions (mm) 710 from Shoulder, 31.8 Diameter
Shaft Colour Yellow
O/A Length (mm) 960
Weight (kg) 2
Load Test (kg) 75