JCB Professional Solid Forged Contractor Fork, Heavy-Duty Steel 190 x 280mm Blade | JCBCF01

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Experience unparalleled strength and performance with our JCB JCBCF01 Solid Forged Contractor Digging Fork. Built from a single, solid forged piece, this 4-pronged marvel boasts robust square tines, designed specifically for effortlessly breaking through dense materials.

Our meticulous manufacturing process begins with forging the fork head from a single billet of premium carbon steel. We then subject it to a rigorous hardening and tempering treatment, achieving the ideal equilibrium between strength and longevity.

But that's not all – the all-steel shaft enhances its durability, ensuring it remains resilient even under heavy loads. We understand that your hand tools must deliver exceptional results, which is why we proudly certify and imprint the JCB Logo only after each tool surpasses the stringent British Standard Load Tests.

With the JCB Solid Forged Contractors Fork, you can trust that it will excel in any task, providing the durability and performance you demand. Elevate your digging experience with JCB's commitment to quality and excellence.

Key features

  • Single-Piece Solid Forged Head: Built from a single billet of premium carbon steel, a contractor fork with an exceptionally strong and durable head, ensuring longevity and reliability in tough digging conditions.

  • Square Tines for Efficient Digging: Equipped with square tines, this fork excels at breaking up dense materials, making it ideal for a wide range of digging and landscaping tasks.

  • Hardened and Tempered: The fork's head undergoes a meticulous hardening and tempering process, striking the perfect balance between strength and durability, ensuring it can withstand heavy use.

  • All-Steel Shaft: The all-steel shaft adds to its robustness, making it even tougher under heavy loads. This feature enhances its longevity, providing you with a tool that can withstand demanding work environments.

  • Certified to British Standard Load Tests: Each JCB Solid Forged Contractors Fork is rigorously tested and certified to meet British Standard Load Tests. This certification is your assurance that the fork is built to perform and get the job done reliably.


Model JCBCF01
Product Type Contractors Fork
Handle Type Poly-Pro Ergo YD
Handle Material Virgin Polypropylene
Handle Grip Ash Wood Ergo YD
Handle Colour Black
Blade Type Heavy Contractors Fork
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Blade Width (mm) 190
Blade Length (mm) 280
Blade Hardness 39-47 HRC (BS 3388)
Lift (mm) 100
Blade Colour Black
Shaft Type Tubular Steel
Shaft Material Tubular Steel
Shaft Dimensions (mm) 710 from Shoulder, 31.8 Diameter
Shaft Colour Yellow
O/A Length (mm) 990
Weight (kg) 2.4
Load Test (kg) 80