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JCB 120mm / 4.72” Heavy-duty Petrol Wood Chipper 457cc, 15hp 4-Stroke, Electric Start | JCB-CH150120PE

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Our JCB-CH7150120PE petrol wood chipper is built with high quality robust materials to cope with chipping of logs up to 120 mm / 4.72” in diameter. With an ATV tow mount, this is ideal for anyone managing woodland or shrub on estates, farms, construction sites, roadways, pathways or general large garden tidy up. (Note, this is not road towable).

Powered with a market-leading 15hp 4 stroke JCB petrol Engine with electric start, and designed with a 360° rotating outlet chute and guide, it’s ideal to use when chipping wood into trailers, for compost, mulch or simply mulching the chippings prior to transportation.

The heavy duty 16 Inch pneumatic wheels make it easy to transport on uneven ground or fields and the twin reversible blades can rapidly chip cumbersome pieces of wood ready to be used for the chosen application.

The JCB-CH150120PE comes with a 3 year domestic and 1 year commercial warranty, subject to terms.

 Key Features

  • Rapidly chip large quantities of wood - Ideal for large garden clearances or for estates / business premises and construction use for rapid process of large pieces of wood and associated wood-waste material
  • Market leading 457cc 15hp JCB electric start petrol engine - Powerful belt-driven wood chipper with electric start for rapid ignition
  • Heavy-duty and sharp blade mechanism - Armed with two heavy-duty rectangular cutting blades and six sharp triangular shredding blades designed to draw in and chip branches up to a colossal 120mm diameter
  • 360° Rotating Chute - Depending on the application, the JCB wood chipper’s adjustable discharge flute will accurately direct the processed chippings to the desired area of work
  • 400mm Diameter Pneumatic Wheels and Built-in Off Road Tow Bar - Equipped with 400mm diameter pneumatic wheels for added structure and traction the robust wood chipper can be transported across rugged terrain
  • Safe Operation - This JCB wood chipper features a safety switch in case of the need to perform an emergency stop
  • Straight-forward to maintain - Thanks to its belt-driven design, the JCB wood chipper is robust, reliable and low maintenance
  • Peace of Mind - 3 Year Platinum JCB Tools warranty

 3 Year Warranty (Terms Apply)

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Model JCB-CH150120PE
Start Method Recoil and Electric Start
Drive Type Belt Drive
Chipping Capacity (mm) 120
Feed Hopper Opening Size (mm) 588 x 440
Infeed Throat Opening Size (mm) 278 x 167
Disc Size (mm) (Diameter / Thickness) 600
Knives 2+6
Features ATV Towing Bar, 360 degree Rotating Chute
Safety Features Emergency switch
Engine Model JCB-E460PE
Engine Type 4 Stroke OHV Single Cylinder
Engine Size (cc) 457
Rated Power (hp) 15
Disc Speed (RPM) 1800
Fuel Capacity (L) 6.5
Engine Oil SAE 30 or 15W40
Engine Oil Capacity (ml) 1100
Gross Weight (kg) 294
Net Weight (kg) 260
Tyres Pneumatic
Wheel Size (inches) 16
Wheel Diameter (mm) 400
Sound Level (db) Yes
Product Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 2675 x 1050 x 1990
Package Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 1160 x 1860 x 1140
Engine Capacity (CC) 1100
Fuel/Power Source Petrol
Warranty (years) 3
Commercial Warranty (years) 1
Model EAN 5059608313086
In The Box Petrol Wood Chipper, Manual, Tool Set

Heavy-duty JCB Wood Chipper

The JCB-CH150120PE is a robust and high-performance petrol wood chipper designed to meet the demands of professional and heavy-duty wood chipping applications.

Equipped with a powerful 457cc 15hp JCB petrol engine, which drives two heavy duty rectangular cutting blades in conjunction with six sharp triangular shredding blades, the JCB-CH150120PE boasts a formidable maximum chipping capacity of 120mm and will rapidly reduce large and cumbersome waste wood material that can be difficult to transport into smaller wood chips.

Once processed, the smaller wood chips can be accurately discharged into an area of your choice thanks to the machine’s fully adjustable 360 degree rotating outlet chute and outlet guide - ideal if you are creating wood chips for landscaping projects, mulch, or just simply carrying out routine wood waste-management.

Equipped with two durable 400mm diameter pneumatic wheels and an ATV Towing Bar, the JCB-CH150120PE can be attached to a vehicle and transported across rugged terrain within any working site (for off-road use only).

Formidable Chipping Capacity

With the substantially sized feed hopper, measuring at 588 x 440mm, working in tandem with a 278 x 167mm large inlet throat, this JCB wood chipper is equipped to unleash its two heavy-duty rectangular cuttings blades and six sharp triangular shredding blades to rapidly process large pieces of wood up to 120mm in diameter in no time at all.

For added convenience, the chippings can be easily guided into a wheelbarrow/trailer or desired area of need by using the wood chipper’s built-in 360° rotating outlet chute and outlet guide - making it the perfect tool for creating wood chips for landscaping projects, or if you are just simply looking to carry out routine wood waste-management.

This robust JCB wood chipper also features a leg stand to help bolster the machine, meaning the JCB-CH150120PE can withstand all elements.

Petrol-powered Belt-driven Wood Chipper

With low maintenance and reliability in mind, the JCB-CH150120PE utilises a market-leading 457cc 15hp JCB petrol engine, which powers the belt-driven wood chipper. Belt-driven wood chippers are generally considered to be easier to run as they require less maintenance in comparison to their direct-drive wood chipper counterparts.

For optimum performance, belt-driven wood chippers maintenance typically involves tension adjustments and occasional belt replacements, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Safe Operation

The JCB-CH150120PE comes equipped with a safety shut off switch in case of the need to perform an emergency stop.

3 Year Long-term Warranty:  

For your peace of mind, the JCB-CH150120PE comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty* (terms apply). With full parts and service backup, JCB Tools ensures your wood chippers remain in excellent condition for years to come. 

In the Box: Petrol Wood Chipper, Manual, Tool Set