JCB 125 x 260 mm Fencing Drain / Grafting Spade, Carbon Steel Blade | JCBFG01

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Designed for fence post installation, our Professional Fencing Drain / Grafting Spade combines durability with practical design. With its long handle, this tool is perfect for fence contractors tackling multiple post holes.

Key Features 

  • Construction: Tubular steel with a round mouth blade.
  • Blade Material: Carbon steel, 39-47 HRC hardness.
  • Handle: Long, designed for digging multiple post holes.
  • Size: Length 1490mm, weight 3.1kg.
  • Load Capacity: Up to 75kg.
  • Use: Suitable for both small and large projects.

Reliable for daily use across various job sites.

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Model JCBFG01
Product Type Fencing Graft
Handle Type Tubular Steel
Handle Material Carbon Steel
Handle Grip Plastic
Handle Colour Black
Blade Type Round Mouth Fencing
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Blade Width (mm) 125
Blade Length (mm) 260
Blade Thickness -
Blade Hardness 39-47 HRC (BS3388)
Lift (mm) 40
Blade Colour Black
Shaft Type Tubular Steel
Shaft Material Tubular Steel
Shaft Dimensions (mm) 1220 from Shoulder 31.8 Diameter
Shaft Colour Yellow
O/A Length (mm) 1490
Weight (kg) 3.1
Load Test (kg) 75 at BS3388 Length