JCB Professional Solid Forged Grafting Spade (Newcastle Style) Drain Master, 400 x 180 / 110mm Blade | JCBDM01

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The JCB Professional Solid Forged Grafting Spade Drain master is a Newcastle Style drainage shovel, built to withstand the toughest conditions, making it ideal for professional and domestic gardeners, landscapers, farmers, contractors, horticulturalists, groundskeepers, and more. Whether you're working on construction sites, demolitions, or DIY projects, this spade is your reliable companion. With its superior features and unbeatable performance, this spade is a must-have for anyone digging drains, trenches, post holes, or deep narrow holes/edges.

Drainer Shovel JCB Tools Newcastle Trench Steel Spades Key Features

  • Long, narrow 16’’ (40cm) tapered blade: The blade is perfectly designed for digging narrow holes or trenches, allowing you to work with precision and efficiency.
  • Integrated foot treads: Unlike other spades, our Drain Master features forward-facing foot treads that increase stability and grip while applying downward pressure. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced performance.
  • Thicker forged socket: The base of the socket is specially crafted to accommodate greater levering forces, ensuring durability and strength.
  • Load tested to above British Standard: We go the extra mile to ensure our spade meets the highest quality standards. It has undergone rigorous load testing, surpassing the British Standard requirements.
  • Single piece solid forged head: Our spade is designed with a single piece solid forged head, eliminating any weak points that may arise from joins or welding.
  • All steel handle: The handle is constructed with tough all-steel material, making it resilient under heavy loads. Unlike timber handles, it won't rot or dry if left outside.
  • Sharpened leading edge: The spade's leading edge is sharpened to effortlessly slice through the ground, making your digging tasks easier than ever.

But what truly sets our Drain Master shovel apart is its unmatched quality and attention to detail. It proudly carries the JCB branding, signifying its status as a professional-grade tool trusted by industry experts. The integrated forward-facing foot treads ensure stability without catching or interfering with the surface material, while the laser-etched JCB logo on the grip adds a touch of sophistication.

Warranty Backed

This power tool is backed by UK support and a 3 Year Warranty ( 1 Year Commercial) , ensuring its durability and reliability.

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Model JCBDM01
Product Type Grafting Spade / Drainage Shovel
Handle Type YD handle
Handle Material Tubular Steel 1.5mm
Handle Grip D Grip
Handle Colour Black
Blade Type Newcastle (Integrated Treads)
Blade Material 16'' / 40cm / 400mm
Blade Width (mm) Carbon Steel
Blade Length (mm) 180 tapering to 110mm
Blade Thickness -
Blade Hardness 39-47 HRC (BS 3388)
Blade Colour Black
Lift (mm) 130 mm
Shaft Type -
Shaft Material Tubular Steel
Shaft Dimensions (mm) 730 mm from Shoulder 31.8 mm Diameter
Shaft Colour Yellow
O/A Length (mm) 1120 mm
Weight (kg) 2.8 Kg
Load Test (kg) 95 Kg
EAN 5060749620063
In the Box -