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JCB 4 Prong Professional Manure Fork T Handle Heavy-Duty Steel | JCBMF11

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The JCBMF11 Manure Fork from JCB is a superior choice for all your heavy-duty agricultural needs. Crafted from specially treated high carbon steel, the prongs boast unparalleled strength and durability. The 32-inch (80cm) tubular steel shaft is not only lightweight but also thoughtfully designed with an ergonomic Poly-Pro Tee handle. This handle enhances your experience by facilitating easy tipping and turning motions.

Uniquely balanced and built to withstand the test of time, JCB Tools are engineered for longevity. Our products endure rigorous individual testing, allowing us to grant you the assurance that they excel in getting the job done right.

Choose the 32’’ JCB Manure Fork for a seamless blend of strength, balance, and efficiency. Elevate your agricultural pursuits with a tool that's not only backed by our proven track record but also equipped to exceed your expectations. Made For Hard Work.

Key Features

  • Premium High Carbon Steel: Crafted from hardened and tempered high carbon steel, our product boasts exceptional strength and durability, ensuring it can handle the toughest tasks with ease.
  • Ergonomic Poly-Pro Tee Handle: Equipped with a 32-inch (80cm) tubular steel shaft and an ergonomic Poly-Pro Tee handle, our product enhances comfort and control during tipping and turning, reducing strain on your hands and wrists.
  • Lightweight yet Heavy-Duty: The combination of lightweight design and heavy-duty construction makes our product easy to manoeuvre while still maintaining its robustness and reliability for prolonged use.
  • JCB Certified Quality: Our Professional Tools bear the prestigious JCB Logo as a testament to their quality and performance. Each tool is individually tested and certified to meet our rigorous standards, ensuring they're up to the task.
  • Long-lasting Reliability: Engineered for longevity, our product is built to endure the challenges of demanding tasks. You can trust that it will consistently deliver exceptional results, making it a lasting addition to your toolkit.

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Model JCBMF11
Handle Type -
Blade Type -
Blade Material -
Blade Weight -
Blade Length -
Blade Hardness -
Lift (mm) -
Shaft Type -
Shaft Dimensions -
Overall Length (mm) -
Handle Material European Ash
Handle Colour -
Blade Colour -
Shaft Colour -
Load Test (kg) -
Gross Weight (kg) -
Net Weight (kg) -
Product Type Contractor & Landscaping Tools - Hand Fork
Model EAN 5060749620261
Condition New